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PINNED Distribute the Instana kubectl plugin with Krew
Krew is a popular open source plugin manager for the kubectl command-line tool maintained by the Kubernetes SIG CLI community. The tool helps to discover, install, and update kubectl plugins by offering a centralised plugin repository. The usage o...
PINNED Need documentation on how to uninstall Instana for K8 and Docker self hosted installation
We need documentation on how to uninstall Instana and the resources created during the installation of Instana on K8. These steps are helpful especially recovering from failed installation so that the customer could retry the steps.

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From a VM object at VM level, see all groups it's a part of

I have a VM that I'm trying to test policies on. It is also part of another policy that has a very large subset of scoped vms, named with a sequence of letters and numbers. It's not easy to determine which group it is, and remove it from that grou...
10 days ago in IBM Turbonomic ARM / UI & User Experience 0 Submitted

Allow the engine to load more than 250 AD Groups.

Currently when attempting to filter the Edit share list for available groups only 250 groups are shown in Available Groups. When we select All to share , in the Groups Selected for Sharing, all the groups should be visible so that we remove the Gr...
10 days ago in Workload Automation 0 Under review

Redirect to tenant unit URL and not base domain when logging out

i just added the LDAP configuration to our new Instana Setup (k8s) and ran the test in the UI which succeded and added my User to the User List as owner. But when i try to logout and login again i get an error to check my password. I looked in the...
10 days ago in Instana / Common 0 Submitted

custom_cert in email configuration

We need to add a custom cert to the email configuration that instana can send notifcations with our companys email server. I added the path on the node: /etc/pki/ca-trust/source/anchors/DB_Trust_Center_Root-CA_2015.cer but this path is not mounted...
10 days ago in Instana / Security and Compliance 0 Submitted

SelfHosted - Export Dropwizard Metrics for Prometheus

we would like to scrape the Instana service in Kubernetes with prometheus to collect their metrics and configure alerting. Currently it is only possible to monitor Instana with Instana which is really laborious and expensive. In Release 210 the ha...
11 days ago in Instana / Self Hosted 1 Under review

Filtering by Log Parameters in Analytics Tab

In the Analytics tab we would like for there to be a filtering option for log parameters. There is not currently an option to filter based off of log params only the messages and level. I have attached screenshots below
11 days ago in Instana / Logging 0 Submitted

Being able to see OS patches needed

Would be nice to see the OS patches needed for VMs
11 days ago in Instana / Infrastructure 0 Submitted

Dashboard threshold - marked out/backlighted

In Big Number widget add a field, that will include threshold. When threshold will be reached widget should be marked out/backlighted.
12 days ago in Instana / Backend Enablement 0 Future consideration

In services developed in Java architecture, even if a technology / framework is not supported, providing endpoint / host / ip / span information without giving too much detail.

In services developed in Java architecture, even if a technology / framework is not supported, providing endpoint / host / ip / span information without giving too much detail.
12 days ago in Instana / Java 0 Submitted

scaling appdata processor

We are using the instana self hosted operator and hpa to scale up appdata processor based on cpu usage we noticed that after the first start of the container it has a really high error rate. Maybe the container marks itself healthy too early. I at...
12 days ago in Instana / Cross teams/areas / Self Hosted 0 Submitted