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PINNED Distribute the Instana kubectl plugin with Krew
Krew is a popular open source plugin manager for the kubectl command-line tool maintained by the Kubernetes SIG CLI community. The tool helps to discover, install, and update kubectl plugins by offering a centralised plugin repository. The usage o...
PINNED Instana on OpenShift Route Flexibility
Hi, My customer has a question about Instana route definitions on OCP. Basically, they have an OCP console address like According to the document; - basedn URL should be like instana.apps.ocpclust...

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Make quick filters ignore relations in EventViewer

Suppose you have an event viewer with these events:* Alert 1 - severity 5* Alert 2 - Severity 4 * Alert 3 - Severity 5 Then we create a Quick Filter (in the top right corner of the event viewer) Severity = 5. Now the event viewer shows: * Alert 1 ...
over 4 years ago in IBM Cloud Pak for AIOps 0 Delivered

Cloud Automation Manager needs to have terraform Instance output variables API endpoint

CMSIBM-263 Instance output variables API endpointAs a consumer of the iCAM API, I need an endpoint to get the output variables and their values from the Terraform state for a particular deployed instance as an optimization over downloading the who...
over 4 years ago in Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management Ideas 0 Delivered

Need option to select version of Terraform while provisioning an environment directly in Template Designer

CITI Customer are looking for feature where they can select the terraform version while provisioning the evnvironement in Template Designer.They also need some way there they can get the default version used for terraform, instead of using API cal...
over 4 years ago in Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management Ideas 2 Delivered

ITNM NCP Poller Chasis Ping Alarm Date Timestamp of the Event

Looking for Poll Alarms to pass poll start and end date time stamp to OMNIBus Object Server via NCP NCO Monitor Probe
over 4 years ago in Tivoli Network Manager 0 Delivered

TNPM Request to change old data purge logic to remove dbf files using DB drop tablespace statement

To correctly conduct disk space management on standby database customer needs to change the way the purge script remove dbf files.Now it uses OS rm command and they need that dbf files get deleted usingsql statement DROP TABLESPACE with option "IN...
over 4 years ago in Cloud Pak for Network Automation / Performance 0 Delivered

COGNOS 11 support in TADDM

System: COGNOS 11Actor: TADDM ended support for COGNOS 10 COGNOS 11 is the tool we use for TADDM reporting. Currently, COGNOS 10 support has ended and TADDM does not officially support COGNOS 11. Description: Our team uses COGNOS 10 for TADDM repo...
over 4 years ago in Tivoli Application Dependency Discovery Manager 0 Delivered

Use GetBulk instead of GET & GETnext for getting traps from device in TNPM

using GET method sending traps for MIBs is possibly causing Device performance issue. They are being measured massively from the devices with GET operation and not BULK operation. count of packets using GET operation GET 969637206
over 4 years ago in Cloud Pak for Network Automation / Performance 1 Delivered

Add Licence control to ensure compliance

Many customers do not buy because they lack decisive added value and are afraid of losing control or getting into an appliance problem even faster. We urgently need the function that it is very easy for customers to prevent them from having more i...
over 4 years ago in Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management Ideas 1 Delivered

ITNM: Add feature to create static network views

ITNM network maps are dynamically updated unless a global setting is enabled to prevent the re-draw of the map. Static maps are sometimes desired for maps with custom graphic backgrounds where the topology icons are placed in defined locations.
over 4 years ago in Tivoli Network Manager 1 Delivered

Oracle Network Encryption for ITNCM

Oracle Database for Tivoli Products usually resides on datacenter co-hosted platforms. To ensure security of the communication between ITNM and database which contains "restricted information" for the company, we require feature Oracle Network Enc...
over 4 years ago in Tivoli Netcool Configuration Manager 2 Delivered