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PINNED Need documentation on how to uninstall Instana for K8 and Docker self hosted installation
We need documentation on how to uninstall Instana and the resources created during the installation of Instana on K8. These steps are helpful especially recovering from failed installation so that the customer could retry the steps.
PINNED Instana on OpenShift Route Flexibility
Hi, My customer has a question about Instana route definitions on OCP. Basically, they have an OCP console address like According to the document; - basedn URL should be like instana.apps.ocpclust...

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Establish Layer 2 connectivity between the Nokia/ALU 5529 AMS and Nokia/ALU 5620 SAM Managed Devices

Able to establish Layer 2 connectivity between the Nokia/ALU 5529 AMS (which manages the DSLAM & OLT) and Nokia/ALU 5620 SAM (which manages the Router Edge devices and others)
over 5 years ago in Tivoli Network Manager 1 Delivered

ITNM FP11 TellabsINM8000 (ICON) Java Collector should support Tellabs INM8000 ICON EMS SR8.0 SP3 (Ref Case TS005272257)

We have ITNM 4.2 FP11 (with ICON Test Fix TEST5274508) Production env as listed below using imcl. We received Collector Testfix TEST5274508 on 8th April 2021 and started discovery. The discovery starts well and in the logs it shows a lot of retrie...
almost 3 years ago in Tivoli Network Manager 3 Delivered

Restore WebGUI Copy confirmation dialog auto-close removed in FP22

Netcool OMNIbus WebGUI Fix Pack 21 and previous displayed an auto-closing "success" dialog box in most browsers. Starting in Netcool OMNIbus WebGUI Fix Pack 22, the "success" dialog requires the user to click OK or hit enter in browsers except for...
almost 3 years ago in IBM Cloud Pak for AIOps 1 Delivered

APPD Mediator Pack enhancement for DB Metrics

In AppD mediation pack we have option to add metrics for applications. However, We have a customer requirement for the database metrics where we do not have that option.
almost 6 years ago in IBM Cloud Pak for AIOps 1 Delivered

ITNM EventGateway GwMainNodeLookupUsing function to exclusively look for the ACCESSIPADDRESS instead of all the IPAddresses.

The ITNM EventGateway GwMainNodeLookupUsing function tries to find a match with all the IP addresses associated to a device (all interfaces), causing events from devices that are not in ITNM to be associated to a device if the device discovered by...
almost 3 years ago in Tivoli Network Manager 0 Delivered

ncp_g_event tcp connection recovery

The ITNM event gateway (ncp_g_event) does not recover lost connection on Objectserver port (4100/tcp) automatically. This results in a non working event enrichment. This happens in implementations where a firewall is between the gateway process an...
about 3 years ago in Tivoli Network Manager 2 Delivered

Use decimal values in NPI thresholds

NPI supports setting a threshold value for a metric that will result in an Alarm raised when that threshold is crossed. This allows to take an action when the system is degraded. Current implementation is limited to integer values for the threshol...
about 3 years ago in Cloud Pak for Network Automation / Performance 0 Delivered

ISM TCPPORT monitor support for TLS

This is coming from support case TS004712321. We need to use the Internet Service Monitoring product functionality from ITCAM for Transactions to monitor custom SSL ports. Right now, the TCPPORT monitor doesn't support SSL/TLS configuration, so wh...
about 3 years ago in ITM/IBM APM 1 Delivered

Smart alerts on mobile apps

The customer wants Smart alerts enabled on mobile apps the same way they exist for Websites.Some examples are alerts on the number of page Loads http status code on pages JS errors slowness of page load etc.So same as Websites.
about 3 years ago in Instana / Alert / Real User Monitoring 0 Delivered


No description provided
about 3 years ago in IBM Cloud Pak for AIOps 3 Delivered