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PINNED Reduce Instana infrastructure footprint by reducing metrics resolution
First, we installed on self-hosted Instana Backend on Docker (on-premies). However, the backend didn't respond to the production load and lost monitoring data. Then, We decided to go forward with Openshift Installation. However, the recommended Op...
PINNED Configure maintenance flyouts
User interface settings include the option “Show maintenance notes”. How can I as onprem-backend administrator configure and switch on such flyouts to inform my users about upcoming maintenance?

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ITNCM Driver for Cisco Router VG20XXM, VG3X0, VG224 with OS 15*

We need ITNCM driver for these devices: VG224 Cisco router with OS 15*VG20XXM Cisco router with any OSVG3X0 Cisco router with any OS I opened TS001707779, TS001732074 and TS001732098 and the support told me to open an RFE. In attachment the "show ...
over 5 years ago in Tivoli Netcool Configuration Manager 1 Delivered

Sensor/Metrics for AWS Auto Scale Groups

Would be really useful to map scaling activity across time/Alert on maximum scale reached. ASG could be also used to determine online/offline. 
over 5 years ago in Instana / Sensor 1 Delivered

A new JBoss 7 Sensor dicovery

The current JBoss7 discovery in a managed domain, when an environment is discovered for the first time, it expected to start with the discovery of a host, which acts as a JBoss domain controller, and then it is possible to run a discovery of domai...
over 5 years ago in Tivoli Application Dependency Discovery Manager 3 Delivered

• While removing job, application should prompt us with dependency details.

While removing job in TDWC, application should prompt us with dependency details.
over 5 years ago in Workload Automation 2 Delivered

IWA - add ability to define parameters for custom reporting, and add custom reporting interface to DWC

Add the ability to define parameters to custom reports, such as schedule start and end times, job and schedule names, etc. Currently, the queries can only be hard coded. To enhance this, add a custom reporting web interface in the DWC that identif...
almost 6 years ago in Workload Automation 2 Delivered

Cisco Catalyst L3 switch C9300 and C9500 48UXM: new driver for ITNCM

Is request new driver for devices: - Cisco Catalyst L3 Switch C9300-48UXM- Cisco Catalyst L3 Switch C9500-48UXM To be managed by ITNCM.
almost 6 years ago in Tivoli Netcool Configuration Manager 1 Delivered

Workload Designer - Working List collapse and expand feature

In the DWC, do not expand the working list every time something is clicked on or changed. If we have it collapsed, it should remain collapsed until we expand it.
almost 6 years ago in Workload Automation 2 Delivered

Secure POwershell setting to ignore certificate warnings

Have a gateway scoped property in that allows SSL powershell discovery to ignore the CN, the CA and Revocation checks to allow self-signed certificates. e.g. properties like*.skipca=truecom.c...
about 6 years ago in Tivoli Application Dependency Discovery Manager 1 Delivered

Establish Layer 2 connectivity between the Nokia/ALU 5529 AMS and Nokia/ALU 5620 SAM Managed Devices

Able to establish Layer 2 connectivity between the Nokia/ALU 5529 AMS (which manages the DSLAM & OLT) and Nokia/ALU 5620 SAM (which manages the Router Edge devices and others)
about 6 years ago in Tivoli Network Manager 1 Delivered

APPD Mediator Pack enhancement for DB Metrics

In AppD mediation pack we have option to add metrics for applications. However, We have a customer requirement for the database metrics where we do not have that option.
about 6 years ago in IBM Cloud Pak for AIOps 1 Delivered