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Status Functionality already exists
Workspace Instana
Categories Access Control
Created by Guest
Created on Mar 21, 2022

LDAP integration - automatic retrieve list of users and groups

It would be a useful feature that Instana, after the integration with LDAP, would automatically retrieve all users and groups from the LDAP according to the filter given in the LDAP configuration.

This way administration of new users would be more intuitive and automatic, and administrators would only have to assign users to proper groups in LDAP in order to have adequate roles as it is done for other IBM products.

Idea priority High
  • Admin
    Máté Návay
    Sep 19, 2022

    However, we still do not see the use of an LDAP or AD sync mechanism to pre-populate users or especially groups, as each new Instana group needs proper configuration which is very difficult to automate in a reliable way.

  • Admin
    Máté Návay
    Sep 19, 2022

    Members of an AD group can be assigned to Instana groups upon login via Group Mapping, no need for the user to be logged in prior to assignement.

  • Guest
    Apr 29, 2022

    Hi Hubert,

    After we install the Instana for the first time in the customer env and they have e.g. 100 users, every user must first try to login to be visible on the Instana UI so that we can assign them a proper roles. We cannot assign them a proper roles in advance and when they login for the first time they will not have all roles needed which we want them to have. In the current workflow we need to ask all users to first try to login, then we need to create e.g. two or more groups on the Instana side and after that to arrange people in these groups. At the end we need to give proper roles to every group we created. The customer already have these groups on the LDAP side and people are arranged already so it will be much easier if Instana can automatically retrieve users and groups from the LDAP so we can just give proper roles to the groups. If not, we are doing a job which is already done on the LDAP side. Also, if customer add/remove users from the groups that change will be automatically transferred to the Instana side without our involvement. If not, again every add/remove users from the groups on the LDAP side we need to do the same on the Instana side doing the work twice (customer on the LDAP side, we on the Instana side). Also, if customer add new user to the LDAP group we need to ask that new user to try to login and then to add it to the proper group on the Instana side.

    We are currently using a lot of IBM products (IBM Dashboard Application Service Hub, APM, LogAnalysis, Impact, Cognos etc.) and all of them already automatically retrieve users and groups according to the LDAP configuration and every change on the LDAP side is automatically transferred to the IBM products so we are expecting the same way to work on the Instana (the same workflow for all IBM products) since we have seen how it is easier to manage users, groups and roles that way.

    If you still need more info we can organize a Webex call.

    Best Regards,


  • Admin
    Hubert Hesse
    Apr 26, 2022

    Hi Ognjen,

    we want to understand what is bugging you with the current workflow of creating IdP mappings manually with LDAP.

    We have questions around:
    - How many user and groups are you managing? How often do they change? Do user/teams wait for you to do the assignment?
    - Can you manage all your development/observability tools using LDAP groups? How do you review processes for group assignments, do you do infrastructure as code, etc.
    - Would other solutions such as being able to manage user, groups, and the mapping using a REST API and external tools like terraform help you?

    Happy to schedule a user interview with interest parties here and our designer. You can reach to directly or voice your interest here in the comments.

  • Guest
    Apr 25, 2022


    What additional information do you need?

    Best Regards