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Workload Automation

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IWS Agent installation on Rocky Linux

would be better if IBM supports IWS agent installation on Rocky Linux.
6 days ago in Workload Automation 0 Submitted

Job Management Plugin needs to be able to rerun jobs in different Streams

For a very simple process that needs to rerun a job in the same stream this works fine. But the use of this would more likely be handled by a simple job rerun setting or maybe a recovery job. To make this far more useful the plugin should also be ...
22 days ago in Workload Automation 0 Submitted

Allow for wildcards on time arguments in conman commands (or more commands)

Our company uses conman commands regularly in our automation to perform many tasks that we would otherwise do manually. As often as possible, we use variables or wild cards so that hard-coding isn't needed. In some cases, that is now allowed. One ...
22 days ago in Workload Automation 0 Submitted

To integrate IBM Workload scheduler to netcool

We have two scheduler in our organization Autosys and TWS and what we have observed is autosys is directly able to send the autosys batch logs to netcool via SNMP traps but the same is not available between TWS and netcool and due to that we had t...
29 days ago in Workload Automation 1 Submitted

Would like to go with Agentless setup for SAP S/4 on Azure Cloud.

No binary files need to be installed for Dynamic Agent on Cloud VM
8 days ago in Workload Automation 2 Submitted

Monitor and or lock down actions on variable tables

A user set one of their variable tables as the default table and we would like to be able to be alerted on this action at the minimum or at a maximum lock down this action so that only certain users can perform this action.
9 days ago in Workload Automation 0 Submitted

User lodged in cyberark as auto password cannot access composer with the password withdrawn from cyberark

User lodged in cyberark as auto password cannot access composer with the password withdrawn from cyberark as the authentication also depends on the authentication.xml file and not only on useropts file. This is causing audit issues and in TWS V9.4...
10 days ago in Workload Automation 0 Submitted

Use optman parameter for progressive switchplan instead of modify script

Hello, Currently, there is two options to manage stop agent progression in switchplan : conman stop @!/@/@ \; wait \; noaskconman stop @!/@/@ ; progressive This two lines are in switchplan script in IWS install directory, one is commented the othe...
22 days ago in Workload Automation 0 Submitted

Shadows jobs' folders

When the name of jobstream definition contains a folder in workstation name or jobstream name, the associated shadow job goes into error state. Could you add these folders, please?
about 1 month ago in Workload Automation 0 Submitted

Provide a option to export and import API keys when migrates from one MDM to another MDM Database

lets say we have 100+ API keys on MDM created by DWC, while migrating Database from one environment to another , we don't have option to extract/ export the API keys from MDM/ DWC. it is very difficult to create again 100+ API keys after migration...
22 days ago in Workload Automation 0 Submitted