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Status Future consideration
Created by Guest
Created on Feb 24, 2023

Simplify ACL/SDOM management with IWS >9.5


Currently we use SDOM structure to limit our applicative manager to their application and to force norm usage.

For exemple - For Job name:

3 characters for application code (CCX)

1 character for job type (one of these 3 letters XTM)

1 character for schedule type (one of these letters QMAOPRWD1234567E)

then 3 charactere free than _ than 3charactere free

Then 1 caractere for monitoring type (one of these letter B or S)

we could perform this need with one simple


to do that we implements these lines - it's not easy to manage:

JOB NAME="CCXXQ???_???S_@","CCXXM???_???S_@","CCXXA???_???S_@","CCXXO???_???S_@","CCXXP???_???S_@","CCXXR???_???S_@","CCXXC???_???S_@","CCXXW???_???S_@","CCXXD???_???S_@","CCXX1???_???S_@","CCXX2???_???S_@","CCXX3???_???S_@","CCXX4???_???S_@","CCXX5???_???S_@","CCXX6???_???S_@","CCXX7???_???S_@","CCXXE???_???S_@"

JOB NAME="CCXXQ???_???B_@","CCXXM???_???B_@","CCXXA???_???B_@","CCXXO???_???B_@","CCXXP???_???B_@","CCXXR???_???B_@","CCXXC???_???B_@","CCXXW???_???B_@","CCXXD???_???B_@","CCXX1???_???B_@","CCXX2???_???B_@","CCXX3???_???B_@","CCXX4???_???B_@","CCXX5???_???B_@","CCXX6???_???B_@","CCXX7???_???B_@","CCXXE???_???B_@"

JOB NAME="CCXTQ???_???S_@","CCXTM???_???S_@","CCXTA???_???S_@","CCXTO???_???S_@","CCXTP???_???S_@","CCXTR???_???S_@","CCXTC???_???S_@","CCXTW???_???S_@","CCXTD???_???S_@","CCXT1???_???S_@","CCXT2???_???S_@","CCXT3???_???S_@","CCXT4???_???S_@","CCXT5???_???S_@","CCXT6???_???S_@","CCXT7???_???S_@","CCXTE???_???S_@"

JOB NAME="CCXTQ???_???B_@","CCXTM???_???B_@","CCXTA???_???B_@","CCXTO???_???B_@","CCXTP???_???B_@","CCXTR???_???B_@","CCXTC???_???B_@","CCXTW???_???B_@","CCXTD???_???B_@","CCXT1???_???B_@","CCXT2???_???B_@","CCXT3???_???B_@","CCXT4???_???B_@","CCXT5???_???B_@","CCXT6???_???B_@","CCXT7???_???B_@","CCXTE???_???B_@"

JOB NAME="CCXMQ???_???S_@","CCXMM???_???S_@","CCXMA???_???S_@","CCXMO???_???S_@","CCXMP???_???S_@","CCXMR???_???S_@","CCXMC???_???S_@","CCXMW???_???S_@","CCXMD???_???S_@","CCXM1???_???S_@","CCXM2???_???S_@","CCXM3???_???S_@","CCXM4???_???S_@","CCXM5???_???S_@","CCXM6???_???S_@","CCXM7???_???S_@","CCXME???_???S_@"

JOB NAME="CCXMQ???_???B_@","CCXMM???_???B_@","CCXMA???_???B_@","CCXMO???_???B_@","CCXMP???_???B_@","CCXMR???_???B_@","CCXMC???_???B_@","CCXMW???_???B_@","CCXMD???_???B_@","CCXM1???_???B_@","CCXM2???_???B_@","CCXM3???_???B_@","CCXM4???_???B_@","CCXM5???_???B_@","CCXM6???_???B_@","CCXM7???_???B_@","CCXME???_???B_@"

Idea priority High
  • Admin
    Marco Cardelli
    Mar 23, 2023

    Why don't you use our workflow folders to implement this scenario? It should be much easier. Please let us know if this could be a solution and if not why.

    6 replies
  • Guest
    Mar 2, 2023

    Just let the possibility to use joker caracters @ is ok but "?" does not work on security definition like in object selections.

    1 reply