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PINNED Distribute the Instana kubectl plugin with Krew
Krew is a popular open source plugin manager for the kubectl command-line tool maintained by the Kubernetes SIG CLI community. The tool helps to discover, install, and update kubectl plugins by offering a centralised plugin repository. The usage o...
PINNED Configure maintenance flyouts
User interface settings include the option “Show maintenance notes”. How can I as onprem-backend administrator configure and switch on such flyouts to inform my users about upcoming maintenance?

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MCM to provide the choice of deploying multiple version of OCP cluster on AWS

Details: Currently via MCM we cannot provision different version of Openshift cluster on AWS as the version is dependent on the openshift-installer binary and which is a static value in multicluster-hub-cluster-api-provider-ocp microservice.
about 4 years ago in Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management Ideas 1 Delivered

Netcool WebGUI load balance support for Oracle database

Currently WebGUI (JazzSM) only supports the usage of DB2 in the HA load balanced configuration, we are in need of this configuration to support the usage of Oracle as part of our new firm driven requirements.
about 4 years ago in IBM Cloud Pak for AIOps 3 Delivered

Ratio Based Alerts for HTTP Status Codes

Hi Team, I want to place a request to have alerts based on Ratio rather than just having based on having alerts on daily and weekly seasonality. This is required as we are growing. We might see some common errors increasing in the system and avoid...
10 months ago in Instana / Alert 5 Delivered

Permission to Enable/disable Heap Dumps create Option (JVM Backchannel Options) from Instana UI

Dear IBM Instana Development Team, I am sharing some insights and suggestions from our Instana software experiences. While we greatly appreciate the software's capabilities, we have identified a potential area for improvement concerning the Heap D...
11 months ago in Instana / Java 1 Delivered

Analytics configuration report panel do not allow multiple simultaneous Override criteria (identity)

System: Netcool Operations Insight - Event Analytics Actor: SME Description: in Event Analytics user wants, when using Configure Analytics, Advanced Tab, to check more then one option.
over 3 years ago in IBM Cloud Pak for AIOps 1 Delivered

COGNOS 11 support in TADDM

System: COGNOS 11Actor: TADDM ended support for COGNOS 10 COGNOS 11 is the tool we use for TADDM reporting. Currently, COGNOS 10 support has ended and TADDM does not officially support COGNOS 11. Description: Our team uses COGNOS 10 for TADDM repo...
over 4 years ago in Tivoli Application Dependency Discovery Manager 0 Delivered

Need RedHat Cluster Suite (RHCS) discovery & mapping in TADDM

Need TADDM to be able to discover and map all servers in a RedHat Linux cluster.
about 7 years ago in Tivoli Application Dependency Discovery Manager 2 Delivered

add aws rds EBSIO% metric into Instana

If you add aws rds EBSIO% metric we can create an alert it
11 months ago in Instana / Agent / Sensor 1 Delivered

Add ESX cluster name to pending actions csv

When downloading the pending actions for a cluster or group CITI has asked us if we could add the cluster name for each VM in the CSV
almost 2 years ago in IBM Turbonomic ARM / UI & User Experience 2 Delivered

Add Smart Alerts to Mobile Real User Monitoring

Mobile User Monitoring is lacking the ability to alert on error conditions like: Latency of http requests Requests errors Low number of sessions opened High number of session opened Please consider to include the feature shortly.
almost 2 years ago in Instana / Alert 0 Delivered