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Status Under review
Created by Guest
Created on Mar 8, 2024

IBM JDBC Gateway for Netcool should support PostgreSQL OR MongoDB?

PostgreSQL is Opensource and widely used DB. Similarly, MongoDB as well is getting wider recognition. Support of these DBs is already there in IMPACT but missing for IBM JDBC Gateway. 

So, IBM JDBC Gateway for Netcool should support PostgreSQL OR MongoDB so that these DBs can be used in Netcool based solutions uniformly. 

Amid ongoing OSS Transformations, we are willing to replace ORACLE with some other DB- preferably PostgreSQL OR MongoDB.

  However, as per IBM documentation, neither PostgreSQL nor MongoDB  is in the list of Supported DBs for JDBC Gateway.

  Below is the link we referred (and contents pasted as well for quick ref here).

   Hereby, we would like to double confirm on this before we make any strategic decision here on target DB. Pls comment.

   Supported databases

Last Updated: 2023-01-25

The Gateway for JDBC is supported for use with the databases listed here.

The gateway is supported for use with the databases and JDBC drivers listed in the following table.

Note: The Gateway for JDBC will support a database once the vendor supplies a suitable JDBC driver that works with the gateway. Drivers not listed in this table are not supported by IBM Software Support, but if a third party JDBC driver does not function correctly due to a fault with the Gateway for JDBC, then IBM Software Support will provide support.


JDBC Driver


DB2 Type 4 Universal Driver (

DB2 z/OS®

DB2 Type 4 Universal Driver (


IBM Informix JDBC Driver (com.informix.jdbc.IfxDriver)

Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft JDBC Driver for SQL Server (

Note: On OMNIbus installations which are JRE 1.7 based the Microsoft JDBC Driver 4.2 up till 6.4 can be used.. For OMNIbus installations using JRE 1.8, Microsoft JDBC Driver 7.0 and above may be used providing that the driver used is the JRE 1.8 version. For more details on the Microsoft JDBC Driver, please refer to the Microsoft JDBC Driver for SQL Server website. Ensure that multiple versions of the .jar files are not installed in the $CLASSPATH or in the $OMNIHOME/gates/java location simultaneously.


MySQL Connector/J (com.mysql.jdbc.Driver)

IBM Netezza data warehouse

Netezza JDBC Driver (org.netezza.Driver)


Oracle JDBC Thin Driver (oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver)

Note: When the database connection is enabled with Kerberos authentication, the gateway must be run using Oracle Java. See: Deploying the gateway with non-IBM Java.


Sybase jConnect for JDBC (com.sybase.jdbc4.jdbc.SybDriver)

Table 1. Supported databases and JDBC drivers


Idea priority Urgent