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Status Not under consideration
Workspace ITM/IBM APM
Created by Guest
Created on May 22, 2023

TEPS migrate script (used on non-Windows platforms) to operate against a remote MSSQL DB on Windows.

Hi IBM support,

As a follow up to an IBM case which we had opened (Case ID: TS012735674), it was found that the existing TEPS running on non-Windows platforms like for example, xLinux and zLinux do not have the capability to perform migrate export against a remote MSSQL DB on Windows.

Thus, this IDEAS is to request for this enhancement to be put in place for the TEPS so that we can perform TEPS migrate export and TEPS migrate import against a remote MSSQL DB on Windows whereby the TEPS are running on Linux or Unix platform.

Below are the case details extracted from the above Case ID:


The MSSQL DB has traditionally only been supported on the Windows platform. ITM supplies the migrate-export.bat and migrate-import.bat scripts for use with the TEPS DB on Windows.

The and scripts are used when the TEPS DB is installed on a non-Windows platform. I mean currently this scripts and does not work with MSSQL remote TEPS database.

To solve this requirement you could open a RFE for the migrate*.sh scripts (used on non-Windows platforms) to operate against a remote MSSQL DB on Windows.


Please let us know if you have any query or need additional information.



Chun Weng

Idea priority High
  • Guest
    Jun 28, 2023

    Hi Harriet,

    Thanks for your below feedback.

    While It is true that the migrate-export and migrate-import can be used for backup and restore purpose.

    For our use case, other than using the migrate-export and migrate-import to perform backup and restore, we are also using the migrate-export and migrate-import for TEPS data replication from our Primary TEPS to our Secondary TEPS on a daily basis.

    Thus, we would like IBM to re-consider our this enhancement request for us to be able to perform our second use case of performing Pri TEPS data replication to Sec TEPS whereby our current TEPS backend databases are the MSSQL databases.

    If IBM still decides not to consider this enhancement request, then we would like IBM to provide us an alternative solution on how we can perform our second use case for our Pri TEPS and Sec TEPS which are now running on MSSQL databases.

    Please let us know if you have any query or need additional information.



    Chun Weng

  • Admin
    Ravikumar Ramachandra
    Jun 26, 2023

    Below Message from Harriet Johnson:

    From: Harriet Johnson <>
    Date: Thursday, June 22, 2023 at 1:18 PM
    To: Ravikumar Ramachandra <>
    Cc: Warren Zhou <>
    Subject: RE: Two ITM/ITCAM ideas needing attention; ITMAPM-I-74

    We will not consider this request.

    For customers that have settled on the use of either IBM DB2 or MS SQL Server for their TEPS DB, I would recommend the use of the commands intrinsic to these solutions that perform DB backup and restore operations, as opposed to using the ITM migrate-export / migrate-import scripts. These native commands are more performant and more robust than the ITM-supplied scripts. And, just as important, they maintain currency with whatever release level of the DB software is being used by the customer; so there should be no concern about compatibility. The existing ITM migrate-export / migrate-import scripts are useful when migrating from one DB solution to another (e.g., migrating from Derby to DB2), but once either DB2 or MS SQL Server has been chosen by the customer for long-term use with ITM, then the intrinsic backup / restore support provided by the DB vendors is the “best practice” to follow:

    For DB2, here are the documentation links for the BACKUP DATABASE and RESTORE DATABASE commands, respectively (note that the DB2 version can be selected from the pages below if v11.1 is not appropriate):

    There is also an ITM-related document that I found that does discuss the use of the BACKUP DATABASE command (but not the compliment RESTORE DATABASE command); this document can be used in tandem with the official IBM links above:

    For MS SQL Server, the following links provide information about the same functions:

    There are multiple methods for database backup / restore using SQL Server, as discussed in the links above; our ITM clients would need to choose one that is appropriate for their environment.

    Harriet L. Johnson

    Senior Manager - WW Technical Support - IBM Cloud Labs - Performance Management

    Phone: 1-919-632-0401


    1 reply
  • Guest
    Jun 21, 2023

    Hi IBM Support,

    We would like to find out when will the review for this IDEA be completed so that we know whether this RFE will be approved for IBM development or not?



    Chun Weng

    1 reply